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  1. Aug 03,  · How can the order made by the court on 8/7/ subsist when it was said that apc applied for stay of proceeding? I think I'm the wrong person for you to ask that question o. I pasted the judge's ruling verbatim because of the Oshiomhole-isupporting .
  2. Subsist is a label dedicated to delivering cutting edge underground electronic/techno music to the world stage Each EP or album will showcase a selection of tracks in all shapes and forms from talented electronic music producers across the globe. This project was founded in in by Alfonso Civantos aka Fon Valencia/Spain.
  3. I’d wake up at , get marching orders, run around a massive space (vets who recommend comfy shoes aren’t kidding), subsist on food somehow both bad and expensive, then stay up till 2 or 3.
  4. It is a war with an enemy that is both conjured and real and one that uses fear (and glamor) to recruit slaves to do their bidding. In Uncategorized on August 6, at pm. While we continue to subsist let us create things that reflect a cherishment of Home and of all Life. Make it a celebratory creation. Peace&Love. Make it worth.
  5. Contagio is a reference with a diverse and indefinite style with the different forms that can possess techno. Dynamic (Al Ex - Fear), industrial (Antipublic - Luxor), insurgent (Gene Mantua - Interfaz), degraded (Group - _), cosmic (Joaquin Ruiz - Another Reality), deep (Joey_M -.
  6. Sep 09,  · SUBSISTD Voidloss: A collection of moments from between the anger 1. A wonderful blizzard to lose myself 2. Beneath the Thermocline 3.
  7. Play All. 1. Pulso – Suspensión; 2. Pulso – Eter; 3. Pulso – Disasters Related Phenomena; 4. Pulso – Second Sight; 6. Pulso – Girl Is No One.
  8. Contagio Vol. 1 - SUBSISTD by Various Artists, released 16 September 1. Al Ex - Fear 2. Antipublic - Luxor * 3. Gene Mantua - Interfaz 4. Group - _ 5. Joaquín Ruiz - Another Reality 6. Joey_M - Hidden Dreams 7. Khuan, Radical Vein - Lost Soul 8. Objection - Eclipse 9. ØHØI - Catarsis Sugar Lobby - Spring
  9. Programming The Source represents the parallelism and the different distance that can exist between the pieces that make up the same work. On the one hand, a pattern of closeness can be identified by the sound similarity of the tracks, since Translate has opted for the homogeneity of the sci-fi sound, with its so characteristic musical phrases of high tessitura.

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